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Companies and organizations hire consultants to strategize solutions to business, organizational, or industry specific problems. The value in hiring a consultant is a fresh perspective, objectivity, and/or a specific knowledge base or expertise. In the 1990's the consulting industry was at its peak with the rise of the Dot coms. Recently it has experienced steady growth, especially in the outsourcing/offshore development areas.

Black Box Consulting Services works with clients and candidates from the consulting industry in the following areas:

Management Consulting

Focus is on how a company or organization works to achieve its stated goals. This can include working on strategy, operations, and information technology.

Strategy Consulting

Focus is on identifying the direction, goals, and growth of a company or organization within a specific industry.

Information Technology (IT) Consulting

Focus is on using technology to help an organization become more efficient and achieve its goals.

Industry Specific Consulting

Focus is on a specific industry and can include strategy, management, IT, scientific or technical consulting.


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